2022/08/28 14:33

One disk of the mirror-15 out of 17 faulted. Spare kicked in and resilvering started. 

After some minute, when resilvering was still at 1%, the second disk of the same mirrors faulted as well. 

Pool state was marked UNAVAILABLE 

Hosts lost connection with the storage


2022/08/28 16:07

Storage rebooted. disks of mirror-15 forced online. Resilvering started and host reconnected.

Data loss is expected.


2022/08/29 01:03

Resilvering in progress (30%). 

Hosts are unable to connect again. Investigating


2022/08/29 07:24

Resilvering in progress (60%). errors: 3304540 data errors

No progress on the host connection yet.


2022/08/29 11:24

Connection to hosts is restored. Resilvering had to be restarted 

Please try to restart your vps and check the disks if your problem are still present.


Some file system check on the large Teradisks might be required even if it shows OK. Please run a manual fsck to make sure everything is in order.


Sunday, August 28, 2022

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