How can I transfer my zones from Rage4 to Zero Name Servers (0NS) ?

To easy the transfer of zones from Rage4 to our 0NS cluster please follow these steps:

1) add to each domain you want to transfer to 0NS the following NS record:

2) wait some hours (say the next day to be sure) and then check that your domain records are returned by the other 0NS server /

You can use any tools you like to query i.e. dig , host, etc. Or you can use a dig web interface like

3) once the domains are on our cluster you can go ahead and update your registry NS to use the following NS

4) open a ticket with us to have your domain linked with your client area ( under the Domains/Manage DNS menu ) 

5) update SOA and NS records to replace rage4 nameservers with 0ns 

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