High Availability MySQL
Enterprise class replicated MySQL service for businesses.

With this SAAS (software as a service) Prometeus make available 15 years of experience deploying and managing MySQL databases for large corporate clients at a fraction of the price than a dedicated solution.

Small Medium Large Extra Large
Databases Included 1 3 6 12
Replicated DB Storage 10 GB SSD 30 GB SSD 60 GB SSD 120 GB SSD
Off site Backup space 100 GB 300 GB 600 GB 1200 GB
Bandwidth Included Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Replication Locations 3 (IT / NL / RO) 3 (IT / NL / RO) 3 (IT / NL / RO) 3 (IT / NL / RO)
Virtual IP balancers 3 + 3 3 + 3 3 + 3 3 + 3
Monthly fee €25/mo €50/mo €75/mo €100/mo

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What is HA MySQL?

HA MySQL provides safe, secure and scalable database for any professionale application.
Data is replicated across our European datacenters: Italy, Netherlands and Romania. Each location provide a two nodes Virtual IP proxy which automatically switch to another datacenter in case of maintenance or failure of the local server.
It is a fully managed service – we will take care of your databases so you can focus on your primary business tasks!

HA MySQL SaaS will help you to:


any type of HA application

Implement failover strategies

power up a frontend at each location ready to take over

Get geografic protection

and eliminate the risks of losing data

Pay only for your real needs

while getting a replicated multi site setup even for one single DB

Focus IT on production tasks

while we take care of database management

Reduce DB bottlenecks

benefit from the tuned and SSD specialized deploy

How secure will my Data be?

• Your data is always only yours at Prometeus data center

• Your data is encrypted at rest and is transmitted optionally with SSL protection

• Even metadata is encrypted All management communication between your system and the data center runs through secure channels with SSL encryption. At any moment in time all aspects of your data are secure.

• Prometeus data centers are highly secure Physical security is ensured via high fences, 24x7 security personnel, and video surveillance.

How safe will my Data be?

• Prometeus data centers are Tier-3 or Tier-4 designed Prometeus data centers are equipped with UPS and backup diesel-generators. They are designed to ensure constant power availability for up to 48 hours to sustain an undefined power outage. In addition, there are redundant HVAC, network and UPSs. The Tier-IV data centers do not interrupt availability for any planned activity, and can sustain at least one worst-case scenario unplanned event with no critical impact. With 99.995% availability, Tier-IV is the highest availability level for any data center on the planet.

• Your Databases backups are safe on reliable Storage Your data is safe on state-of-the-art storage, replicated across 3 far locations.
  • SSD based storage
  • 3 countries replication
  • Multiple backups per day, one month retention
  • Web based management console
  • Active/Standby Balancer per location
  • Multi-level security - on rest encryption, password protection, SSL