iwSea cloud storage
Seafile based cloud storage and data synchronization service.
iwSea Small iwSea Medium iwSea Large
Cloud Storage Space 200 GB 400 GB 900 GB
Paid Annually 29.00 24.00/year 49.00 39.00/year 99.00 69.00/year
Available Locations Romania Romania Romania
Unlimited traffic
WebDAV & HTTPS access

* VAT will be added to listed prices to all EU customers without a valid VAT ID and all Italian sales.
What is iwSea?

iwSea is a cloud storage and data synchronization service based upon the Seafile platform. iwSea lets you store your files and data on our central servers and synchronize them with laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

The Seafile client application is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. In addition to using Seafile clients, you can also use the web interface and any webdav client to access your files and data stored in iwSea servers.

iwSea lets you create indipendent libraries where you can upload, organize, sync and share your files. While synchronizing your files, Seafile handles file conflicts, and transfers the data which is not already available in the server preventing unnecessary bandwidth usage. Using Seafile, you can sync your files with two or more servers and the file transfers can be resumed. Also, Seafile comes with full version control mechanism.

iwSea comes with an advanced encryption feature to protect your files and privacy. All data is transferred using SSL encrypted channels, in addition iwSea lets you create passwords for your libraries and all the files and data are encrypted on the desktop client or browser before they are uploaded to the server.

The client side encryption features of Seafile makes it a very secure cloud storage system. File encryption is done on the client side and the passwords are not sent to the server. If encryption is enabled, even the system administrators of the server cannot view the contents of the files in the server.

Share files and libraries with or without password, you can also set an auto expire date for the shared link. Send share links via email.

  • Fast synchronization.
  • Client available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.
  • Client side encryption.
  • Share files and directories.
  • SAN ZFS storage.
  • Webdav support.
  • Native IPv6 networks.
  • Daily backup.