and updates from Prometeus
2015/09/21iwStack got SSD storage and new SSD computing instances
We have added KVM hosts with SSD storage. You can now run your I/O intensive applications inside the same infrastructure you know and love. SSD computing instance are also cheap, i.e. 6 GB of RAM, 4vCPU and a 50 SSD disk @ €0.025 / hour (€18 per month)
  • SSD, 768 MB RAM, 1 vCPU, €0.003 / hour (€2.16 per month)
  • SSD, 1.5 GB RAM, 2 vCPU, €0.005 / hour (€3.60 per month)
  • SSD, 3 GB RAM, 2 vCPU, €0.010 / hour (€7.20 per month)
  • SSD, 6 GB RAM, 4 vCPU, €0.020 / hour (€14.4 per month)
  • SSD, 12 GB RAM, 8 vCPU, €0.040 / hour (€28.8 per month)
If you're already have an iwStack account you can create ssd instances right now. See this small HOWTO Purchase the initial iwStack credits here 
2015/08/21Business class BIZ XEN13, 8G RAM, 360GB SAS HDD, 50% OFF @ €39.6 per month
  • 8192 MB RAM
  • 2 IPv4 and 8000 GB of Internet Traffic. SolusVM Control Panel, XEN, Low density Biz servers, Milano Italy
€39.6 for life instead of €79.2 with coupon BIZ13XEN50! Included free FTP backup, free anycast DNS!
Order here 
2015/05/20New OpenVZ VPS with SSD storage available
we are pleased to announce that the OpenVZ VPS offer has been updated.
All the previous plans are no more available and are now replaced with new, SSD backed, plans with lot of ram and disk, so that every possible application can fit.

New plans are listed here
2015/04/04Xen Power new annual prices for HDD plans in Milano
Xen Power is the brand for budget xen service from Prometeus, plans include lot of resources (including disk space) at an affordable price. We are pleased to inform you that annual (and only annual) prices for HDD plans in Milano, Italy have been reduced as follow: XP1G (1GB RAM, 2 vcpu, 120GB RAID 10 HDD): €36 / year XP2G (2GB RAM, 4 vcpu, 250GB RAID 10 HDD): €69 / year XP4G (4GB RAM, 6 vcpu, 500GB RAID 10 HDD): €129 / year XP-L (1GB RAM, 1 vcpu, 200GB RAID 6 HDD): €36 / year XP-XL (2GB RAM, 2 vcpu, 400GB RAID 6 HDD): €69 / year XP-XLL (4GB RAM, 4 vcpu, 800GB RAID 6 HDD): €129 / year Order here! All prices doesn't include VAT. Xen Power
2015/03/13iwStack price reduction for large instances and virtual router
the following new prices will be effective from today. BASIC 2GB from 0.012 to 0.010 iwCredits per hour (-16.66%) (from 8.64 to 7.2 per average month) BASIC 4GB from 0.024 to 0.020 iwCredits per hour (-16.66%) (from 17.28 to 14.4 per average month) BASIC 8GB from 0.048 to 0.040 iwCredits per hour (-16.66%) (from 34.56 to 28.8 per average month) BASIC 16GB from 0.096 to 0.070 iwCredits per hour (-27.08%) (from 69.12 to 50.4 per average month) VIRTUAL ROUTER from 0.006 to 0.002 per hour per instance (-66.66%) iwStack is one of the most powerful and less expensive IAAS cloud of the market.
2014/06/23New KVM SSD plans on sale!
We have introduced 3 new big KVM SSD plans. For a limited time you can get them with a recurring 50% discount!!!
  Name    vCPU    RAM    SSD RAID DISK    Coupon Code    Discounted Price    Order Link  
  KVMSSD10    4 core  3 GB  80 GBKVMSSD1X50  €15.0ORDER HERE
  KVMSSD14    4 core  4 GB  100 GBKVMSSD1X50  €17.5ORDER HERE
  KVMSSD18    8 core  8 GB  200 GBKVMSSD1X50  €25.0ORDER HERE
Promo valid until 2014/12/31
2014/03/01iwStack primary storage price 33% drop
Effective today March 1st primary storage price drop from €0.00015 per hour to €0.0001 per hour :-) iwStack is one of the most powerful and less expensive IAAS cloud of the market.
2013/12/30Special Xen plan in Dallas with large SSD disk
We have just released a special Xen plan in Dallas with a large ssd storage. 4 vCPU 1GB RAM Swap 1GB 40GB SSD 1 IPv4, 2 IPv6 4000 GB Internet Traffic SolusVM control panel XEN virtualization OS: Linux unmanaged With the introductory coupon code 1GSPECIAL40 the price will be €5.34 / month for life! Order here The code expire on 2014/01/15
Appearance or substance? looks so-so but you can find there some solid special offers for our services :-) Check it regularly as the offers change from time to time. Coupons have limited use.