iwSea S3 object storage
Storage object API compatible with Amazon S3 cloud storage service
S3 Small S3 Medium S3 Large
S3 Storage Space 400 GB 1000 GB 2000 GB
Paid Annually € 39.00/year € 79.00/year € 149.00/year
Available Locations Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands
Unmetered traffic
Secure TLS/SSL access
Dedicated IPv4 & IPv6
Dedicated Container

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What is iwSea S3 Object Storage?

iwSea S3 is an object storage and data synchronization service based upon the MinIO platform. Amazon’s S3 API is the defacto standard in the object storage world. MinIO is the defacto standard for S3 compatibility and was one of the first to adopt the API and the first to add support for S3 Select. More than 750 organizations, including Microsoft Azure, use MinIO’s S3 Gateway - more than the rest of the industry combined.

The MinIO Client, Called mc, is a modern and cloud-native alternative to the familiar UNIX commands like ls, cat, cp mirror, diff, find and mv. This client provides advanced functionality that is suitable for web-scale object storage deployments. For example, powerful data replication tools work between multiple sites for HA (highly availability) and DR (disaster recovery) purposes and support generating shared, time-bound links for objects.

In the last years more and more applications added S3 compatibility to their storage backends. Backup and copy your data using s3cmd, restic, rclone, aws cli. Other applications compatible with S3 are cPanel, WHMCS, cloudberry, etc. We added some useful recipes into our Knowledgebase

  • Native mc client available for all platform.
  • Compatible with rclone or restic.
  • Compatible with cPanel backups and WHMCS file storage.
  • Dedicated containers.
  • Unmetered IN/OUT traffic.
  • SAN ZFS storage.
  • S3 API support.
  • Native IPv6 networks.
  • Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6.